T.K. Justin Ng is a designer based in Toronto exploring the changing role of architecture and the future of cities through research, design and drawing.

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This simple, playful act alters the temporal nature of the pavilion. When guests take home a birdhouse, the pavilion continues to exist, disassembled, throughout the season. On a tight budget, a majority of the connections in the structure use zip-tags. After the pavilion was taken down, over 90% of the wooden members were returned in perfect condition.

Collaborator: Marco Chow, Roni Haravon,Saadman Ahmed, Lucy Lin, Diana Si, Mayuri Paranthahan

Drawing the eyes away from the existing lateral views, this pavilion focuses the attention on the ground and sky. One must remove their shoes to enter, ramping up the entrance, and stepping down into the water-filled base. A collection of birdhouses strung above are removed one by one by each guest, slowly revealing the sky. 

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