Cable Cruise, 2015

The competition called for a smart way to recycle steel accompanied by interesting steel details. With the eventual decommissioning of existing transmission towers, Cable Cruise takes advantage of this existing framework and layers a new mode of transit on the city’s infrastructure without deconstruction. The design also includes irregular steel connections that push the limits of what angle steel can do.

(Competition Website)

Jury Comments:

Cable Cruise was chosen for the Award of Excellence because it layers a new mode of transit on the city’s infrastructure without deconstruction or use of other imbedded energies. It introduces a compelling argument for what might be possible in the eventual decommissioning of the existing hydro towers, creating the impetus for a vertical park and a future attraction for Torontonians and tourists alike. The ground plane is left to be addressed by each community as it passes through. This adaptive reuse of the existing framework through the use of addition, rather than subtraction, is original, inspiring and structurally ambitious.


First Place / Award of Excellence, Structural Steel Education Foundation “Recycle” Competition





NXT_main_render w-ppl

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