Grand River Pedestrian Bridge, 2017

October, 2017

Cost: $1 million

City: Cambridge, Ontario

Team: T.K. Justin Ng, Josh Macdonald

Collaborators: The Ventin Group, Walters Inc

In 2015, T.K. Justin Ng and Joshua Macdonald won first place for the Grand River Pedestrian Bridge Design Competition and had the opportunity to work with Ventin Group to develop the design.

The pedestrian bridge will link the east and west sides of the Grand River, providing a car-free option for pedestrians and cyclists to cross over the river. The bridge will provide a connection between the future Gaslight District, the Dunfield Theatre and the University of Waterloo School of Architecture on the east side, with the Galt Little Theatre, new digital library and other downtown amenities on the west side of the river.

The bridge's foundations will be behind the existing floodwalls and will use the existing pier in the river. Pre-engineered, the bridge will be installed in two sections from the shore and will be 102 metres in length.

Original Proposal, 2015

Ventin Group Proposal, 2016

In 2016, Joshua and Justin continued the development of the bridge with The Ventin Group. From there, the idea of a central viewing platform and a weave pattern was born.

In the winter of 2017, the City of Cambridge announced their choice between several of The Ventin Group's proposals. The city chose the stripped down version of the design and The Ventin Group disassociated themselves with the project.

New Proposal, 2017

Realising that the reason behind the city's decision, Josh and Justin created a new proposal that would cut costs significantly with help from Walters Inc. and met with the mayor to discuss alternative designs for the bridge. The mayor showed interested but the tender has already been sent out and any change in the design would be cost prohibiting.

Our design of the Grand River Pedestrian Bridge both respect the history of Galt and yearn for the future of the city. The proposal carefully makes use of material and lighting to create a new bridge that lightly touches over the Grand River. Through the use of weathered steel, the bridge pays homage to the railway that once ran across Galt at the height of the mill industry.

Construction, 2017

In the winter of 2017, the City of Cambridge entered into an agreement with Bronte Construction of Oakville to construct the Grand River Pedestrian Bridge.

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