T.K. Justin Ng is a designer based in Toronto exploring the changing role of architecture and the future of cities through reseach, design and drawing.

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Porta-Party x Nuit Blanche 2017
PortaParty_Axo-01 (1)

Lead Designers: T.K. Justin Ng, Eric Oh

Designers: Ron Adriano, Johnathan Subendran, Nathanael Scheffler, Ethan Schwartz

Graphic Design: Tristan Sito, Samiha Meem

Logistics: Monica Patel

DJ: Sleepycatt

Photography: Peter Kwak

Porta-Party x Nuit Blanche 2017

©Photo by Saadman Ahmed

Since the first modern toilet in the 18th century, the restroom has been one of architecture’s most contentious programs.

Despite digestion being ubiquitous and common to all people, sanitation and plumbing infrastructure has been, and continues to be, one of the most pervasive methods of segregation, creating divisions in race, gender, geography, and class. Ultimately, we cannot make progress or find our nationhood until the inequalities present in things that make us uncomfortable become topics of discussion and battlegrounds for change.

Porta-Party x Nuit Blanche 2017

©Photo by Peter Kwak


Challenging this silence, Porta-Party encourages empathy and consideration of the washroom’s importance. Using existing on-site landscape, two outdoor rooms are created, each with its own controlled circulation for ease of security and head-counts. Porta-Potties are placed to encourage circulation throughout this room, distributing users and avoiding long lines. Using the orientation of the porta-potties, the actual use of the washroom remains private, yet the typically closed off threshold to the washroom is extended, allowing people a moment of connectedness. The use of planting differentiates the space from the typically bare or overly finished surfaces of a washroom vestibule, helping users bypass the social hesitation that comes with waiting to use the toilet. Various zones of plantings create a range of tactile and sensual experiences, with a variety of elevational changes directing circulation further to a communal hand washing area.


Porta-Party x Nuit Blanche 2017

©Photo by Peter Kwak

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