T.K. Justin Ng is a designer based in Toronto exploring the changing role of architecture and the future of cities through reseach, design and drawing.

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Publication | An Urban Sketcher's Guide to Helsinki, 2017
Cities | Hong Kong, 2016
Cities | Stockholm, 2016
Cities | New York City, 2017
Cities | London, 2018
Cities | Toronto, 2017
Cities | Tallinn, 2016
Cities | Amsterdam, 2018
Cities | Helsinki, 2016

In the process of recreating what lies before my eyes onto paper, I become intimately acquainted with my subject, forcing me to observe, rather than gaze. Unlike orthographic drawings that focus on objective reality, sketching en-plein air embraces the human perspective along with emotions and empathy, enabling the exploration of cities through spatial and visual richness – which I believe to be a step towards the re-humanization of our cities.

Cities | Vancouver, 2017
Cities | Fez, 2018
Cities | Qingdao, 2016
Cities | Berlin, 2018
Cities | Brussels, 2018
Cities | Singapore, 2015
Cities | Seattle, 2017