Wall, 2015

 This fairytale explores the most fundamental architectural element, a wall, at an enormous scale. This is an entry to the Fairytale 2015 competition.

Collaborators: Tristan Sito, Eric Ihroom Oh


“There was the earth, the sky and the Wall.

Splitting the world into two, even halves, the Wall existed for as long as anyone could remember. It shot up from the centre of the earth to the edge of the sky – almost as if trying to join the two. And though the highest flying birds, the lowest swimming fish and the deepest tunnelling creatures could move back and forth between the two sides of the Wall, people could not.

It was as if the Wall was alive, for as smarter the people became, and the further up they were able to climb the wall, the larger it grew. Not only that, but the Wall could talk – if anything left a mark on the Wall, that same mark would appear on the other side.

Of course, the people on both sides of the Wall were curious about what was on the other side. Seeing that the animals could cross over and under the Wall, each side began getting ideas on how they could do the same…”






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